Shiva Baum

Prior to joining Bender Music Group, Shiva Baum got his start in the music industry in New York two decades ago developing industrial/alt rock phenom VAST and assisting the band in inking their deal with Elektra Records. After which Shiva went on to work at the Sony Music Studios and then with the head of A&R at Columbia Records, producer David Khane (Sublime, Paul McCartney, The Strokes). Eventually transitioning to Los Angeles where he headed up A&R dept for the world music division of Mercury Records, and eventually landing with Norm Waitt’s Gold Circle Records/RED Distribution where Shiva developed the A&R team working with both seasoned and new artists alike.  Further participating in the historical musical legacy of Laurel Canyon, Shiva worked hands on with industrial alt rock revivalists Opiate For The Masses as the Head Of A&R for American Voodoo Records (EMI Label Services) and Studios working intimately with CEO/Producer, Jim Kaufman.  In his career, Shiva has had the privilege of being mentored by such industry icons as Rick Rubin, Danny Goldberg, Jeff Ayeroff, Thom Panunzio amongst many other influential executives and artists.

Says Shiva about joining Bender Music Group, “I am extremely excited about Bender’s ability to make an essential and long lasting contribution to the careers of seasoned and developing artists alike. This decade is indeed a totally new era of the music industry and Bender is positioned to capitalize on the benefits of modern technology, while at the same time, implementing the strategies of true artist development that have historically created excellence in craft and commerce.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a component of a company that offers these services, unique when used in combination and synergy, to our family of clients to assist them in creating the success they desire”.