Bender Music Group is a next generation of music industry services company.

The company was the brainchild of Bo Caldwell and Jon Bergen, who combined had many years of record company and creative services experience.
With their infinite love for music, as well as their vast talents in the marketing, promotion, distribution, sales, online marketing, graphic design etc., the two were ideal candidates to break through the “new music industry” with one of the first independent services company of its kind.

Sadly, Jon Bergen passed away in the summer of 2010.  Although he will never be replaced and will be forever missed, Bender music Group has continued on with the same work eithics, policies and traditions in Jon’s honor.

Bender Music Group has the resources to take your artist, and deliver them to its audience by all means possible. We offer many services such as extensive online marketing and promotion campaigns, Internet radio/Podcast promotion, web design and maintenance, comprehensive graphic design from CD art to T-shirts and other services to build the fanbase of a label or artist. Bender Music Group also has ties to many affiliated companies that can also fill in the gaps for your artist. Bender Music Group continues on with the day to day workings of an actual record label for you, all of which are guaranteed to increase your artist’s presence, and help build a real audience.

The Bender Music Group staff has collectively contributed to the success of such labels as Mercury, Beyond, Restless, Capitol Records, Sanctuary Records, EMI and Gold Circle, as well as artists such as Motley Crue, Warren G, Megadeth, Hanson, Peter Murphy, Lucy Pearl, just to name a few. They look to bring such experience to artists and labels that face the new challenges of a completely revolutionized digital music industry front.